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Terms & conditions for private dinner parties and cooking lessons


We want all our clients to have the best possible experience during your private dinner party or cooking lessons. Therefore we’ve put together everything we think you may need to know before booking, plus our terms and conditions below.

Availability and reservations

All bookings are subject to availability. Confirmation and changes to the booking must be made by email to

After booking we arrange a phone call to discuss suitability of kitchen facilities, health and safety and your requirements.


In the event of a client cancellation within 14 days of the arrival date we will keep 50% of the payment as a cancellation charge. If we are able to re-sell the booking we will refund the whole payment. In the event of a cancellation outside of 14 days of the arrival date, we will refund the whole payment. In the event of cancelling within 48 hours of the arrival date we will keep 100% of the payment.

If we need to cancel your booking for any reason other than the reasons outlined in the “Health and safety” section below, we will endeavour to find an alternative date for the booking or offer a full refund.

How to cancel

To cancel a booking please notify us by telephone, email or via the website. Please do not consider your booking cancelled until you have received a cancellation acknowledgement email from us.

Dietary requirements

Allergens are shown on each menu. Please inform us at time of booking if you or any of your party have any allergies, disabilities, are pregnant or have any other conditions that we should be made aware of.


We do not currently supply drinks or offer a drink service with the food. 


The clean-up is an essential part of our dinner party service. Before leaving we will make sure your kitchen is left just as we found it.


Please notify us if you or any of your party suffer any sickness or diarrhoea less than 48 hours prior to our arrival. If you or any of your party are taken ill during your dinner party or lesson please notify us immediately.

Please refer to "Covid-19 safety" for additional terms and conditions during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Health and safety
Kitchen, equipment and appliances need to be clean before the chef’s arrival. Loose cords and other objects lying on the floor need to be moved due to safety reasons. Work surfaces should be as clear as possible to allow for food preparation and cooking.

Pets and their food bowls need to be moved out of the kitchen beforehand and kept out for the duration.

If on arrival the kitchen is deemed by the chef to be unsafe and/or does not meet appropriate hygiene standards, we have the right to cancel the dinner party / lesson and you will not be entitled to a refund. The same applies if a hazard or a risk to our safety arises during the dinner party / lesson.

Smoking is not permitted in the kitchen during the time of food preparation and cooking.

For cooking lessons only:

You will receive a short briefing on health and safety at the start of your course. Please wear appropriate clothing that will not get in your way when you are preparing and cooking food, as well as comfortable shoes with covered toes. We advise that you wear an apron to protect your clothing. Please do not wear loose jewellery. We are not liable for any damage that occurs to clothing or other belongings.

All food saved should be stored as advised in the lesson and eaten within 24 hours due to safety reasons.


The Scandi Chef is covered by public liability insurance.

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